Facial Implants

FACIAL IMPLANTS: Cheek implants and chin implants provide your surgeon the ability to create subtle changes in facial contour to enhance a given patient’s appearence. Facial implants can be biologic, such as tissue taken from the patient themselves (cartilage or bone), or implants can be produced commercially. For the cheeks and chin, solid silicone works well and have a long success record. When it comes to implants in the nose, however, living biologic material is preferable. Custom implants created for traumatic loss of a portion of the skull (cranioplasty) can be made from a variety of materials.

FACIAL BEAUTY: The main points of beauty of the face are the nose, the cheeks, and the chin. It is the relationship between these prominences which historically has defined facial beauty. This must be balanced with soft tissue structures such as the forehead, the lips, the eyes and the neck. It is this balance in contour that artists and sculptors have been aware of for centuries. Ideal facial proportions were worked out in classical Greek times. Famous Greek sculptors such as Phidias, Praxitiles, Myron, Polycliltis, and others followed rules of anatomic design in order to create their sculptured masterpieces in marble, which are timeless, and continue to be admired today. It is important that Plastic Surgeons have the same artistic skills when it comes to sculpturing the human face.

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